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ArcTouch Company was established in 2008. They have two offices in the United States: in San Francisco and in New York. Their number of employees is less than 250 people. The have quite high salary rate which varies from 150 to 200 dollars.


The company’s story started long before ‘apps era’. Its founders, Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman were roommates and they also worked at Apple together. When the iPhone was launched they understood that creating apps will become a good business in future. They were overwhelmed with ideas. As a result, the ArcTouch was founded in 2009. The first clients were Champs Sports, Honeywell and Merck. Nowadays the ArcTouch has already developed hundreds of apps, having more than 150 clients of world-scale companies. Their team consists of more than a hundred of designers, engineers, and strategists.

Success of the ArcTouch mostly consists in their high attention to the connection between brands and customers. So it’s really important to understand for the brands that when they order app’s development for their clients it should bring the final users excitement and really positive experience of usage. Apps become part of one of the most private things they have – their smartphones. Moreover, since we live in times of electronic devices brands can go further and establish even closer connection to their customers.

Arctouch Services

The ArcTouch launches their apps for all major operation systems: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Moreover, they elaborate apps not only for phones and tablets. The list of other devices is quite long. These are watches and wearables, like Apple Watch, Google Gear, Google Glass, Google Cardboard, Pebbie, Olio and Samsung VR. Then, they provide services for television platforms, such as Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast. They even conquered the niche of home and car automation, so they worked for Apple HomeKit, Apple CarPlay, Google Brillo, Microsoft Sync, Honeywell Total Connect and Philips Hue.

The ArcTouch holds very profound research before they start working on the app itself. They define company’s business needs and then they pass to development which may be divided into 4 stages.

1. Mobile strategy. The team begins with revealing major needs and business goals of their clients. They hold workshops where client’s long-term mobile app strategy is defined and then they build a plan of work.
2. Experience design. Apps are created with awesome journeys through its levels so that users were just delighted. The interface, users design, and all the architecture of the app is built in such a way that it brings all together, to one common concept.
3. App engineering. The engineers work to build, test and then release the mobile app across the platforms. They have really great experience of work with iOS, Android and HTML systems and also with wearables and the Internet of Things.
4. Lifecycle management. After the app’s release, the ArcTouch continues working on it providing its lifecycle management. All the apps have 24/7 support so this can be considered as a guarantee of correct apps functioning.

Arctouch Development Process

During all the process of apps development, the ArcTouch professionals work side by side with the client’s team responsible for the project. Their agile development and design process assures quite a quick result which fully corresponds to the business needs of both developers and clients.

Quality assessment is done on every new step of the development process. All the tests are automated. Demos and video screencasts of the work are done daily.

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