Blue Rocket

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Blue Rocket is a mobile development company founded in 2008 with a headquarter located in San Francisco, California.


Blue Rocket provides business strategies, application design, development services, and mobile solutions, and has already helped to such famous brands as WebMD, Hal Leonard, Zinio, and others. The company creates mobile apps for various platforms including the most popular such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. At Blue Rocket, the clients’ support continues after the app is launched. We offer updates, optimization, and other post-launch services to our clients.

The founders of Blue Rocket, Jess Taylor and David Foote, met in 1996 when they worked on a new gas transportation system in California. Afterwards, their mutual interest in digital technologies and the success of Apple SDK united them again and they started creating mobile apps and offer other business solutions, using their own experience and modern technologies.

Blue Rocket Services

We provide a wide range of services to our clients:

  • Native iOS app development
  • App design
  • Marketing plans
  • Server and API integrations
  • Native Android App development
  • App analytics
  • App optimization
  • Prototypes creation
  • Assistance in app monetization

Blue Rocket Development Process

The development process at Blue Rocket is represented by the 7-step strategy. On the first stage, our team helps you to define a product’s purpose and outline its objective. Once the idea of your product is clear, we create an informative architecture of the future app. Our experts define user flow and create wireframes for each screen. On the third step, our team makes your app look more attractive. We design concept, graphic, and icons. We make it look pretty and simple in navigation due to understandable interface and design. On the fourth stage of the development process, we make your app functional. We code an app and add other service side components.

After the coding of an app is completed, our team of professionals tests your app for bugs and errors. We record everything and ensure that the app works perfectly. After the testing stage, we fix all detected issues and prepare the app for releasing.

The last stage of the development process is optimization and updates. Once your app is launched, we do not stop working on it and continue improving your app with new solutions.

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