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EsecForte has its offices in Fremont, USA, and Gurgaon and Bangalore, India. It was established in 2010. A number of employees does not exceed 50 people.


Esecforte Services

The team of EsecForte believes that fast changing technologies should be considered as an advantage because it is so if we only find the correct approach to this fact. The company possesses private capital only. It can be described as very well-organized and structured but flexible and innovative at the same time. Company’s employees are constantly looking for new solutions to improve their approach to work with each new project. Among the company’s clients are the world’s biggest organizations. All the apps developed by EsecForte are users friendly. And the developer’s team is constantly in search of new more and more amazing approaches.

Esecforte Development Process

The development process of the eSecForte consists of 7 stages. Below is a short description of what company’s professionals do to create a new product.

1. Discovery. At this stage they learn their client’s needs, join them up with their ideas about the app and with all that the company knows about apps productivity. They also work to forecast any possible problems and methods to solve them.
2. Functions and Architecture. This stage is responsible for defining the apps functions, the scheme of their work together and then the first draft of the app is prepared.
3. Design. They work on design of each single screen of the app. They believe that hardly anything except the design can affect impressions of users that much.
4. Development. The process of development itself begins at this stage. The way the process is organized lets the clients review and assess the results at any time.
5. Quality Assurance. The team working on Quality Assurance tests the app and as soon as its main functionality meets all the requirements stipulated, the first test version is launched.
6. Launch. After the test version is checked and all the necessary changes are done, the final version is launched.
7. Maintenance. The client’s company will be serviced after the launch whatever questions may appear.

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