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Fueled is a company which provides software solutions. Our services include development of apps and websites which are fast-growing, attractive, and easy to use.


At Fueled, we care a lot about quality of a product we create. Our team of experienced and talented developers, who are always searching for new solutions, deliver only the most interesting and innovative products to our clients. We are motivated by an idea of quality and that is what makes us tick.

Fueled Services

Fueled provides a wide range of services which include web design, web development, app design and development, ecommerce development, software optimization, and updates.

Fueled Development Process

We help our clients launch to the best apps and websites. Our planning team is working alongside with skillful designers to create an attractive and beautiful app that is user-friendly and simple in navigation. The development process at Fueled is a complex and challenging task. Our team of professionals follows a seven steps plan to deliver quality service that will exactly satisfy all clients’ needs.

On the initial stage, we shape an idea of a future app. We take into account all client’s wishes, preferences and needs regarding functionality and purpose of an app. Once the preparation stage is over, our team of designers completes drafts of an app design. A client has an opportunity to see how an app will look and even try some of its functions.

When the client approves a prototype, the team moves to another stage and starts the development of an app. After that, a number of tests are necessary to ensure that an app works correctly. Testing shows an app’s code errors, bugs, and other hidden problems. When a team fixes all errors and app is working perfectly, we move to the last stage of the development process when we launch an app and upload it to Google Market and App store. We continue our work on your app’s improvement after it is launched, providing optimization and updates to ensure that it works in accordance with your expectations and performs all functions perfectly.

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