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JatApp is an international software development company, which specializes on development of mobile applications, games and web solutions.


US Office
300 Arthur Godfrey Rd
Miami, FL 33140
United States

JatApp Opens New Digital Horizons To Your Business

With in-house capabilities to deliver app development, design and consulting services, JatApp provides end-to-end solutions for clients worldwide.
When it comes to development, JatApp team tries to exceed clients’ expectations, at the same time ensuring that the solutions and services we deliver are priced competitively. Their teams have worked together since 2010, offering clients the benefit of true expertise.

What Makes JatApp The Best Choice for Your Software Development Needs

Clients are main priority for JatApp team. Creating mobile and web solutions require specialized skills, deep knowledge and experience of developers, rich technical resources.  Their highly qualified specialists in Web, iOS, Android, Game and Backend development, fluency and deep expertise in multiple programming languages make JatApp a powerful and reliable partner on clients’ way to success.

JatApp Services

App Prototyping. Useful and the most important tool for starting development of new product and to see how it will look like in future;

Mobile development:
▪ Mobile Development  for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
▪ Native iOS: Objective C, Swift, WatchKit
▪ Native Android: Java, C/C++
▪ Cross platform: PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, SenchaTouch, JQuery Mobile
▪ Game development: Unity 3D
▪ API and SDK integration
▪ Manual and automatic QA testing

Mobile services:
▪ Mobile marketing: app store promotion and web promotion
▪ Work with Google Play and App Store: creating account, upload, update, ASO, app translation services, reviews support etc

Servers services:
▪ Initial server setup: LAMP, LEMP, custom
▪ Server optimization and migration
▪ Amazon services

Development Process. Bringing Plans Into Reality.

During the development process JatApp team completes number of alpha and beta versions of the applications to ensure the functionality works as expected. Our project development was divided into following steps:
1. Research and Business Analysis.
2. Presentation of the project via clickable prototype. The final version is provided via web link.
3. Project planning: evaluation of project scope, project delivery timeline and cost.
4. Graphic design is presented with a few design concepts.
5. Application Development.
6. Testing.
7. Application deployment.
8. Support and optimization.                             

What JatApp Clients Say

According to the clients feedbacks on Clutch.co, JatApp provided valuable feedback and responsive communication throughout every project they worked on. Here is what some of the clients say about this team of professionals:

“JatApp did a wonderful job of creating the application…They are very responsive, communicative, and have completed every job within time. Everything was completed exactly how I wanted, from my perfectionist point of view.”
— CEO, Financial Start-up

“JatApp treated this project in a personal way. It didn’t seem like it was just another project to them. Because it was our first mobile project, we had a lot of questions, which they were happy to answer in detail.”
— Manager, Web Technologies Company

Clients are very satisfied with the work delivered by JatApp. Specifically, they speak highly of JatApp’s approach to the development process. They highly recommend JatApp to others.

It’s time to bring your ideas to life with Jatapp!

4 thoughts on “JATAPP

  1. Hines

    Communication is key to a run a project well and JatApp is a star in this area. They constantly kept us updated and informed during the whole development process. I cannot say enough about the professional development team we have been working with. From the project estimation and project manager to QA engineering, all know exactly what their tasks are and perform them well with a great attitude.

  2. Stokes

    Couldn’t be happier with the whole rockstar team. It is refreshing to be partnering with a real agile company like JatApp. They provided human comfort to the entire process. We continue working with JatApp developers and I can recommend them with utmost confidence.

  3. Clark

    We are totally satisfied with the work that JatApp has done for us. Our founders team depends on accurate communication and good development expertise of our contractor. They did excellent job for us, delivering exactly what we wanted. They also able made very smart recommendations that we used. Definitely worth every penny and more.

  4. John

    Since our first Skype conversation, I have found the JatApp team to be very professional and knowledgeable about their client’s needs. They are professional, creative and always friendly. I wanted my app to be special and bright since our target audience are children. JatApp Designers caught my idea and brought it to life. Keep up the good work!


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