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Metova was established in 2006. Their office is situated in Franklin, USA. The number of its employees is below 500 people.


When the company was founded it started in the niche of mobile applications at once. Their first customers came thanks to close relationship with Blackberry. During the first two years the first employees, about 10 people, witnessed a lot of changes and it was really important for them that the company became more stable.

Important changes came in 2012 when John Adams decided to expand mobile developments into the government sector. At that time he was CEO of A4 Solutions. This small company specialized in information technology services for the government. Such union brought positive results for both parties. Metova brought mobile technologies to government, and as to A4Solutions, they are able since then to cooperate with wider range of contract having wider possibilities behind their back.

Metova appreciates very much their processes and culture, which lets them get used to constantly changing mobile technology sphere without extra efforts. This company has been on the market of apps development for ages: they have been developing apps for the first Android, T-Mobile G1, which was launched in 2008. Then in 2009 they started to develop in the direction of iOS with Objective-C. With time clients’ demands became more complicated, they asked for databases, web-portals and content management systems. Then Metova offered them applications on Ruby on Rails framework.

Metova has grown within years. Now it collects more than 150 employees who deal with strategy, development, design, quality assessment, training, and customer support.

Metova Services

Nowadays development of high-quality apps for iPhones and iPads is one of the main company’s activities. This work takes almost half of all the other projects. Thanks to native iOS developers working in Metova customers can get one more iOS app of high quality every week.

Android and Windows smartphone and tablet applications take other considerable parts of Metova’s projects.

Metova also elaborates web projects or their clients. For example, they have administrative portals, APIs, content management systems, responsive web apps, etc. Customers like that they can address one company with somewhat different demand and keep both tasks in same hands.

Metova Development Process

1. Strategy. A business plan is created together with the company’s strategist. It includes all the goals of the client and elaborated in the way to bring maximum success with the app’s launch.
2. DESIGN. If the customer used the app just once he will return to it again and again, because its design and interface will draw him back.
3. Development. Metova has been working on development since 2006. They use their best practices, rich experience and are always ready to use new technologies.
4. Testing. It’s very important to reveal all the possible problems in the process of development not to let the final user find problems. To assure that application is reliable enough it goes through very thorough testing.
5. Training and recruitment. Clients can send their specialists to Metova for training and soon they will become not just clever coders but the developers with good experience.
6. SUPPORT. All the software should be relevant and up to date. Any problems should be fixed as soon as they only appear.

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