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Mobiversal was founded in 2011. Its head office is situated in Oradea, Romania. A number of employees doesn’t exceed 50 people. The average salary of their employee is from 25 to 50 dollars.


Mobiversal Services

What makes Mobiversal so irresistible for the clients? Not every app development company can provide such a full range of services as Mobiversal does. They are as follows:
1. Strategy work-out: a combination of the clients’ idea and their experience to develop a product able to satisfy all the possible needs.
2. Design: each element of the design is created with attention to the usability experience.
3. Development: apps are developed in strict correlation with clients’ requirements whether they are for entertainment or for business.
4. Backend Development: all the apps are accompanied by server backend.
5. Publishing: Mobiversal can do themselves all the difficult work on submitting applications to app stores.
6. Presentation Website: apps are always launched being accompanied with micro or full-scale websites which are tightly connected together.

Mobiversal Development Process

The development process can be divided into the stages below.

1. Research and development. Mobiversal makes research of clients’ business, and then they begin to accommodate the most effective features of the apps they elaborated to initial goals of that business. They also take into account which problems can appear and work on the ways to solve them at once.
2. Functions. They determine the main functions of the app and their characteristics and create the first draft.
3. Design. After the draft is approved, they elaborate app’s design. Mobiversal designers make it perfect as they understand that future popularity of the app depends on the first impressions of the design.
4. Development. The process of development consists of several stages. The future product can be checked and assessed by the client on each of these stages.
5. Quality control. To asses quality of the app, it will be checked on each of the development stages. When all the functions are elaborated correctly the trial version is created.
6. Launch. After the trial version had been tested and all the necessary changes were made, the final version is ready to be launched. After that, they submit the app to app stores or prepare everything necessary for the client to make it himself.
7. Maintenance. Within 3 months after the launch, the client can address Mobiversal for necessary help or changes and service will be represented free of charge. Clients also receive the maintenance package which can solve problems of wide range, beginning with minor updates and ending with new versions.

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