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Mobiversal was founded in 2011. Its head office is situated in Oradea, Romania. A number of employees doesn’t exceed 50 people. The average salary of their employee is from 25 to 50 dollars.


OpenXcell was founded in 2008. The number of employees is below 250 people. The average salary rate is not high: less than 25 dollars per an hour. The company has its offices in Ahmedabad, India, Sunnyvale and New York, USA, and London, United Kingdom.

OpenXcell started on the early stage of the mobile apps development and went through the entire road from the simplest apps in the very beginning and to end to end solutions nowadays.
The company represents a wide range of services including design, marketing strategies, quality control and all the other services to make the client and final users to be satisfied.

When web and mobile technologies began merging OpenXcell took measures to assure a strong team of employees for work with website and web app projects development.

One of the main goals of the OpenXcell is to become the best company which provides web and mobile services in the same place and do it quickly and effectively.

Openxcell Services

OpenXcell provides a really wide range of services. Here are the most important of them below:

1)mobile and web application development
2)custom software development
3)services for e-commerce and retail
4)optimization of websites, branding, and conversion
5)development and design of games
6)maintenance of cloud systems
7)content management system
8)quality assessment
9)staff training

Openxcell Development Process

The process of development consists of several stages.

1. Discovery. This stage begins with the study of the client’s business and his ideas as to the future project. Possible problems are also forecasted on this initial stage to provide their solutions at once.
2. Functions and schemes. Taking into account all the functions of the future app, a primary draft of the app is created on this stage.
3. Design. All the screens of the app will be provided with the best design. OpenXcell professionals know for sure that good and understandable design is one of the most important conditions for a success.
4. Development. Te development process is divided into a number of steps and the client will be able to control and assess each and every step of the process at any time.
5. Quality assessment. Every stage of the development process is also accompanied by testing of the quality control system.
6. Launch. After the application is ready it can be released to the client or distributed to the stores by the developers.
7. Maintenance. If the client needs any amendments, updates or anything else after the app launch, OpenXcell can easily represent it.

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