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PhD Labs was established in 1998. Their head office is situated in Irvine, USA. For today, the number of their employees does not exceed 50 people. Their average salary is from 100 to 150 dollars per an hour.


Everything, as usually began from the story of the company’s founder, Robert Patrick, who started consulting and developing software when he was only 18 years old. After graduating from the DeVry University he founded PhD Computing Inc. Robert Patrick wanted the company to pay more attention to design so he started to look for the new team of the employees. That’s when he found owners of the Organic Sales: Jason Martinez, Cliff Coglietti, and John Driscoll. Their company specialized in design and marketing. First, they contracted for a year and in 2011 two companies merged together.

PhD Lab became the company it is today after its complete redesign. After they had been thoroughly assessed by the present market they entered the rating of the best apps developers defined by the Best Web Design Agencies and Clutch. One of their unique strengths on the market is that they develop a special start-up ecosystem for the app-oriented companies.

Phd Labs Services

The services which PhD Labs represents are as follows:

1. Mobile apps development. PhD Lab will take any client’s ideas as to Android or iOS app and bring them to life. And it doesn’t matter whether this app is for business to business or business to customer usage.
2. Web apps development. PhD Labs is also very good in web apps development. They have many years of experience. They cooperate with start ups and a number of the largest world’s companies.
3. App marketing. Today PhD Lab is also interested very much in the internet currency and of course in the social media. They are experts in these questions and work on all the major platforms. PhD Lab knows how each of the clients can use them to make it beneficial for himself.

Phd Labs Development Process

The development process of the PhD Lab consists of three main stages.

1. Design. Development of technologies begins with the draft of the program, a plan. At this stage, the business of the client is studied. According to the needs of this business, the first draft of the app is built. Thus, they get a prototype of the future app ready. This is a so-called Architecture plan, the first stage of the development process.
2. Construction. At the second stage the most well-skilled professionals, who have many years of experience, work hard on coding, programming and testing the app.
3. Launch. The third stage is the most critical. This is the product launch. PhD Lab takes all the work on themselves. They get their work to the market without wasting even a day of their client’s priceless time.

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