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[x]cube LABS is one of the most successful companies that provide mobile solutions. [x]cube LABS has developed more than 600 applications across various platforms. The company provides its services for large and middle-sized businesses as well as for startups.


[x]cube LABS has won several awards for app development and today it is considered to be one of the most reputable app development companies in the world.

At [x]cube LABS, a team of professionals offers more than app development, they search and find mobile solutions which help their partners achieve success in digital market. The company invests a lot in new technologies and is always open for innovations and changes. Their purpose is to achieve improvements on all levels of development through combination of user experience and current technologies. Due to the company’s strong technical competency, unique methodology, innovative strategies, and a team of professional consultants, [x]cube LABS is able to provide mobile solutions on a global level that lead our clients’ businesses to the top of digital world.

[x]cube LABS has rich experience in mobile strategy consulting, mobile app design, mobile game development, and enterprise mobile development.

[x]cube LABS Services

Digital Transformation

We provide digital strategy consulting that helps clients’ businesses meet the market demands. We have worked with more than a hundred companies and startups. Due to our assistance and support, these companies received innovative digital solutions that brought measurable business results. [x]cube LABS can become your loyal partner that will help undergo digital transformation and explore new opportunities for your business’s growth and development.


New digital world offers a lot of opportunities for effective business development. At [x]cube LABS, we will assist you in finding strategies that will help satisfy all your customers’ needs and make your communication more responsive. Our experience and knowledge about digital world will put your business to the forefront of digital market and become a leader which provides constantly evolving products that are able to satisfy all clients’ needs.


We know everything about gaming. The most popular games such as Tap Zoo, Madagascar – Join the Circus, StarTrek Trexels have more than 10 million downloads due to our gaming management system. We can provide over 100 plug-n-play solutions that will lead your business to top of the digital market.


We are a post iPhone company and we know mobile world like no other. We produced over 700 apps across all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. We were a loyal partner for some fast-growing and successful companies and due to our assistance they were able to achieve the digital top.


Mobile has changed marketing a lot. Today, marketers receive all necessary information about customers’ location, interests, preferences, and other personalized data due to fast-growing mobile technologies. At our company, we will not only help you increase app downloads, but also change the methods of your marketing solutions implementation.


Mobile and cloud are the leading technologies today. We provide a wide specter of cloud services which increase your business’s scalability and attract more customers. Among them are effective cloud development strategies, cloud mitigation, and building of Internet scale platforms.


Our design team has received several awards and they know design more than pixel deep. Their rich experience, understanding of customers’ needs, and willingness to create attractive and simple interface makes our team of designers one of the best in the market of digital technologies.

Cross Platform

At [x]cube LABS, we provide cross platform solutions that will promote your app on various platforms. We will help you integrate cross platform experience to satisfy your business’s needs.


Wearables have changed the digital world. Due to our team of professionals, you will receive a wide range of services that effectively integrate wearables into your business and help achieve new results. We offer wearables app development services that include apps development for Google Glass, Smart Watches, Smart Clothing, and others. Wearables is a good opportunity to improve your business, satisfy customers’ needs, and stay on the forefront of the digital world.


We test a future app on real devices to ensure its clickability and functionality. Our team puts customer experience to the top of the testing process.

Business Process management

Our business process management will help you be more responsive to your clients’ needs and bring your business on the forefront of digital market.

Device Integration

[x]cube LABS integrates mobile apps with external hardware which gives new opportunities for your business growth. We will help you to innovate your business and make it more competitive in a world of digital technologies.

Content Management

Our specialists will help you develop a content management strategy that will improve your digital operations. We know how to create, store, and manage content in the most effective and efficient manner for your business.


Big data is always a challenge for companies. At [x]cube LABS, we will help you manage your data to discover the hidden opportunities. We have rich experience in working with different industries and know how to deliver specific industry solutions.

Internet of Things

Internet gives new opportunities for business development. Today, due to modern technologies, all user data is interconnected. We will help you to build connected homes, connected cars, connected enterprises, and be in a better position than your competitors.

Smart TV

Applications and smart TV have changed the digital world. Our Smart TV app development strategy will change the perception of home entertainment four your customers. We provide our services across all major platforms like Apple TV, Philips, Sharp, Sony, and Android TV.

[x]cube LABS Development Process.

The development process at [x]cube LABS consists of a number of stages which the team performs one by one. In addition, the company provides alpha and beta versions of an app to give a client an opportunity to check app’s functionality and interface. The development process includes the following steps:

  • Research and analysis of a client’s business to find the most appropriate mobile solution that will satisfy business’s needs.
  • Presentation of a clickable prototype.
  • Project planning: discussing deadlines, costs, project scope, and improvements.
  • Graphic design and interface concepts.
  • Application development.
  • Tests.
  • Application releasing.
  • Support and updates.

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