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Yalantis is a mobile app development company which creates applications for native iOS and Android. The company provides mobile solutions for large, middle-sized, small companies, and even startups. Yalantis is a brand company which is well-known all over the world.


Yalantis is a mobile app development company which creates applications for native iOS and Android. The company provides mobile solutions for large, middle-sized, small companies, and even startups. Yalantis is a brand company which is well-known all over the world.

The key areas of Yalantis development are audio, video, and graphic functionality for Android and iOS platforms. We make our products user-friendly and simple in operation. Design is a core part of our development process. We want to ensure that a future app will be attractive and understandable for users. We provide mobile solutions that will help your business become a leader in a digital market.

Yalantis Services

Yalantis thoroughly knows every aspect of app development. Our skillful professionals always provide the best results in three main aspects of app development: strategy, design, and development.


We develop a unique strategy for every product to make it more compatible in the market.


We provide SWOT analysis to identify the product’s strong and weak sides. Using the received data, we develop a strategy that helps to reveal product’s opportunities to the full extent and minimize the potential threats. As a result, we offer a mobile solution that uses the advantages of your product to make it perform better.

Product Definition

A good application is the one which is clearly understandable for users. Product definition is an important aspect of app development because it explains the purpose of an app to users and why they should use it. At Yalantis, we help our clients to choose a right name for their app and write a description for App Store or Google Play Store. Product definition also means analyzing app’s value and its competitive advantages.

User Acquisition Strategy

We develop an action plan for our clients meant to help them acquire a user base after a product is launched. This plan includes a range of acquisition strategies such PR, social media marketing, and growth hacking.

Target Market Analysis

Due to market analysis, we receive data that helps us to find the ways of attracting users. Our goal is to understand what users will use a new app and basing on the received data we can create a great design for an app. Target market analysis is also required to determine the best ways of app promotion and solutions that will help to reach the user base.

Determining KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are necessary to define whether a product has achieved its goals. This aspect is crucial for business success. KPIs analyze app’s goals and find solutions that help to achieve these goals.

User Retention Strategy

The growth of an app is impossible without users’ retention. Yalantis helps you to establish effective communication with your users via various communication channels such as e-mail, social media, and push notifications. Establishing stable and constant contact with users is a key goal of our retention strategy.


Yalantis focuses on users’ demands and tests when creating app design. We always think about real people who will use a new app. At Yalantis, we try to create an elegant system that will combine attractive design and simple navigation contributing to product’s success.

Competitive Audit

Competitive audit is an essential part of product development. Due to competitive audit, we analyze competition in the market and define opportunities which are able to give advantages for a new product over others. This stage of app development also includes research of trends in the market that help to compose more effective promotion strategy.

Information Architecture

Graphic models are very useful during the development process. They help us to better understand product’s purpose and users’ needs. First, we visualize market analysis, business model, and business requirements. They are created in a form of diagrams, user stories, and flow diagrams.

Graphic Design

App design is a way of communication with users. We believe that app’s interface should reflect the main idea of a product. Interface should be simple, clear, and it should guide a user through an app. The successful app should have design which is created in accordance with current technologies and design principles. At Yalantis, we provide this kind of service to our clients and ensure that an app’s graphic design corresponds to its purpose.

User Research

We provide use research to understand users’ needs, wishes, and motivation. This research helps to see a real picture and create a scenario that will be based on actual users’ behavior.

UX and Interaction Design

Before an app is launched, we create a clickable prototype which performs the main functions of the future application. This prototype looks and works like an actual app and it is needed for completion of a number of tests to identify possible bugs and errors before we apply the final design and finish development work.

Usability Testing

We provide numerous tests to ensure that an app performs all functions and corresponds to its initial idea and purpose. After the tests are completed, we submit results to our clients and discuss the possible improvements. The development process will not stop until the result completely satisfies client’s expectations.


We offer native iOS and Android development services to produce a quality, attractive, and user-oriented application.

Project Planning

During the planning stage, we usually resort to the concept of a Minimum Viable Product. This method helps us to quickly test product’s ideas. Besides, MVP method is a relatively cheap and time-efficient solution.

API Design

Yalantis uses RESTful APIs to be highly flexible and meet product’s requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control verifies product’s functionality and its objectives. They also check code for bugs and other errors to ensure that an app performs all functions perfectly.

Product Enhancement  

At Yalantis we do not stop working on products after their launch. We continue providing services to optimize an app’s functionality till we get a world class mobile solution.

iOS and Android App Development

The development process in our company is subdivided into iterations. Each of these iterations last about two weeks and focuses on a particular aspect of app development. We work on each iteration as a team from shaping an app’s idea and objective to design, testing, and launching stage.

Admin Panel Development

We provide admin panel which enables our clients to gain control over user-generated content using our user management techniques. In addition, our clients have an opportunity to receive detail analytics data.

Support and Updates

Mobile market is an ever-changing system. At Yalantis, we continue providing our clients with further support and app optimization after the product is launched.

Yalantis Development Process

The development process at Yalantis consists of 5 steps. Each of this steps has its own goal and it is important to follow them one by one to receive an application that corresponds to client’s expectations and is able to satisfy the business’s needs.

On the first stage of the development process, a client describes a development team an app that should be created. A team helps a client to shape an idea, desired features of a future app, and choose the devices that will be able to support this application. At this stage, a team and a client also discuss the potential improvements, approximate time, and cost.

On the second stage, a development team makes a project plan. A team analyzes user stories, technical requirements, and provides more detailed estimation of time required for a project development. On this stage, a client receives an opportunity to see the basic design of a future app.

The third stage is a development process. During this stage, a team has to solve a lot of issues to ensure that an app performs all functions well. The development process also includes a number of tests that a team makes after the development process is over. They have to test an app to define the workability of the following features: flexibility, visibility, productivity, communication, scalability, transparency, and productivity. On this stage, a team creates a prototype of a future app which is clickable and performs the majority of functions. A client may use this prototype to ensure that it corresponds to all initial requirements and offer some improvements if necessary. A future app is also tested for bugs and code errors which the team fixes before launching an app.

The forth step is an app implementation.

The last step is updates and optimization. Once an app is launched, team’s work is not over because it provides further monitoring, fixing, and improvement of an app’s design and entire functionality.

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