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Zco Corporation was established in far 1989. Its head office is situated in Nashua, New Hampshire, United States. A number of employees is not higher than 250 people. Average salary is between 50 and 100 of dollars per one hour.


Zco Corporation Services

In each kind of their activities they represent the following services:

App Development for Mobile technologies: Zco develops apps for smartphones and tablets, wearables, mobile games and hybrids.

Services for Animation: 2D and 3D-animation, computer generated augmented reality and character rigging.

2D and 3D animation are mostly used for various creative purposes like new products presentations and demos, training and other educational purposes and also for videos.

Company’s development of software comprises development of built-in desktop software, back-end systems, web applications and websites, for example, Java, PHP, Net and others.

As to mobile app developments Zco works on enterprise mobility, augmented reality, games and applications for Android, iOS, and Windows systems and for wearables too.

Zco Corporation Development Process

If the client needs a consultation as to his software he may just take all the information available and come for a meeting with Zco professionals free of charge. Zco executives and their project manager will study the case and then they will represent the detailed calculation of the budget needed for the project. If a client is agree, Then Zco takes the case in their development process and works on the task until its complete readiness. Intellectual property belongs to the client and all the codes are issued after the final payment. To estimate the approximate price of Zco work you should just study FAQs page of the company’s website.

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